Best Snow Blower

The 10 Best Snow Blower To Clear Your Yard in the Winter

Who Makes the Best Snow Blower

When you were a kid, you always look forward to snow in winter. But, if you are 40 years old facing a rigorous task to get your vehicle out so you could travel to your work at 7:30 am, snow is a nightmare. Most people tend to gather snow and hurt their back using a shovel, when, in fact, there is a much more comfortable and effortless way to get the job done: invest in the best snow blower. With this equipment, you can clean big spaces and deeper snow efficiently, without breaking your back in the process. A snow blower is highly-recommended for those who reside in locations where snow tends to get thicker and cover a large area.

Who Makes Best Snow Blowers on the Market?

Purchasing a snow blower is a considerable investment. That’s why it’s essential to choose the appropriate one to get the work done. If you still find it hard to take your pick from the wide-ranging variety of snow blowers, here’s the top-performing brand in the market, as well as nine other top choices.

This heavy-duty 243cc PowerMore OVH engine will help you survive powerful, wet winter packed with snow. It is one of the biggest snow thrower manufactured and distributed by the company. The massive 28″ wide by 21″ high machine can get through the deepest and thickest snow, thanks to its self-propelled engine that features six forwards speeds together with two backward speeds. Aside from this, the sturdy 12-inch serrated steel auger, as well as the 12-inch steel impeller, are designed to pass through over 12″ of snow depth without any problem – and throw it in a distance of more than 40 feet. An overhead mounted crank to control the chute to support continuous operation even during adjustments. It can also rotate at a maximum of 200 degrees. Furthermore, the 15×15″ x-track tires can get pass deep snow, which means the user won’t experience any problem with maneuverability when using this two-stage snow thrower. To seal the deal, starting the equipment is made easy by pressing the button since it sports an incredible electric start system.



  • Features a deluxe polymer slide shoes
  • Effortless maneuver
  • Has the ability to get rid of bulky, wet snow
  • On-the-go adjustment
  • Engineered with X-Trac tires for enhanced traction
  • Supported by three-year limited warranty or lifetime on the chute
  • Reinforced with a nationwide network of 1,100 service dealers

The 1696614 Dual-Stage Snow Thrower features a stunning auger that’s 24 inches wide. It is engineered to have 208cc, as well as 9.5 ft-lbs of gross torque located underneath its hood. It is one of the most efficient and heavy-duty snowblower machines in the industry. Moreover, Model 1696614 is a lot cheaper, which makes it the right candidate if you want a high-quality snowblower that won’t hurt your pocket. It is also the top rated snow blowers for the shape of your garden. The smaller size ensures that it will fit anywhere in your yard and reach even the narrowest snow-covered area. Most of the time, consumers aren’t also looking for the most significant and baddest model if they don’t need it. Model 1696614 is perfect for those who live in places that don’t experience heavy snow. If you want to clear out the storm in your area without breaking your back and wallet, the Briggs & Stratton 1696614 Dual-Stage Snow Thrower with 208cc Engine and Electric Start might be an excellent option for you.



  • Easy-to-use electric push-button start
  • 24-inch clearing width
  • Cost-effective
  • Exceptional 250cc 1150 Snow Series Engine
  • Freehand control for effortless operation
  • Room to handle a considerable amount of snow
  • Friction disc drive system that comes with numerous speeds
  • Easy to move around when not in use
  • Features 2 reverse and six forward speeds
  • Long-lasting when throws snow
  • Easy to adjust manual chute rotation
  • Backed up with three years of limited warranty and lifetime warranty for the chute
  • Deluxe polymer slide shoes

The MTD Gold 24″ Gas Two-Stage Snow Blower features 208cc LCT-4 cycle engine that comes with a push-button electric start. It operates using standard gasoline, which means you don’t have to bother mixing oils and gases. It is easy to start, even during the coldest days of winter. It also sports a 2 stage Auger or Impeller system. The MTD Gold 24″ Gas Two-Stage Snow Blower will improve and simplify your regular snow management tasks. It has two reverse speeds and four forward speeds. Additionally, it comes with a foldable and ergonomic handle, as well as sturdy steel housing.



  • 120 Volt Electric Start that comes with recoil. It saves your shoulders and back by a simple press of a button. It also comes with a 6″ start power cord.
  • 208 cc MTD Gold 4-Cycle LCT engine with two reverse speeds and six-speed drive.
  • Single hand operation. It locks the two handles, allowing one hand chute operation.
  • 2-way chute control. It moves the discharge chute from left to right using the control panel joystick. The extended discharge chute assists in transporting the collected snow in the area where you want it.
  • It has a dash headlight lighting your way to make it easy to remove snow even during dark winter nights.
  • Premium poly skid shoes. You can guarantee that it won’t scratch or tear your pathways or driveways. It smoothly glides on hard surfaces. The poly skid shoes won’t leave any rust spots in the storage shed or garage.

Despite being constructed from steel, the Yardmax YB6270 is still comfortable and lightweight. It has an ultra-efficient impeller that guarantees little to no snow blowback during the snow-clearing operation. The impeller offers optimum tossing distance of the snow to ensure that it will be out of your front lawn or driveway, and completely removed from your life! The YB6270 is super simple to set up since it comes with clear and precise instructions that ensure zero hassle whenever you want to use it. Even if the machine is quite big and has a steel structure, it is easy for the users to move it wherever they want to. It is also comfortable to use despite long hours of work. The magnificent performance of this Yardmax product will amaze you and leave you wanting more. It can efficiently get rid of icy snow without any problem. It is best suited for homeowners and hobbyists.

Moreover, it is a gas-powered snow blower, which means it needs regular maintenance. The powerful YB6270 from Yardmax is consistent and reliable. It helps users even during the most extreme winter seasons. For its price, this is a model worth buying.



  • Easy to move around wherever you like
  • Budget-friendly price
  • Suitable for homeowners and hobbyists
  • Lightweight but powerful
  • Heavy-duty and sturdy

The 1696619 Dual-Stage Snow Thrower from Briggs & Stratton is capable of getting rid of deep, massive snow. It is a great model for those who reside in areas where winters are typically intense and cover the whole driveway or sidewalk. Featuring a massive 250cc engine and 27″ clearing width, this is a snowblower that is up for any challenging snow clearing task. In terms of its functionality and features, it is comparable to the Briggs & Stratton 1696614. Some of the features they have in common are manual chute control, integrated headlight, and electric start.



  • Steel frame structure, which makes it durable and sturdy
  • Powerful 250cc engine that provides as much as 11.5 lbs-ft of torque
  • Full clearing width of 27 inches that can accommodate a generous area
  • Handy and easy to use electric push-button start 
  • Single LED headlight enables users to use it even under a dark setting
  • Extremely convenient push-button start
  • Self-propelled
  • Durable construction. The steel frame and chute can survive abuse from regular use.
  • Engineered with friction disk transmission that guarantees consistent power every single time
  • Effortless to move around. Though it weighs 189 pounds, it is easy to carry around.
  • Freehand control and reversible skid shoes for smooth maneuverability

If you are looking for an all-in-one machine that could help you get a lot of jobs done without buying different equipment, this one is perfect. It has a thickened strap back pad that sports a user-friendly design, thick shock-absorbing back pad, and thickened widened backpack back passenger belt that decreases work vibration and enhances comfort. It also has an automotive-grade air filter, which is the same kind utilized in cars. It comes with a super-fine filter sponge and paper, as well as triple fire security, even under extreme working conditions. Furthermore, it offers 360° coverage protection. The humanized design protection net and 360° complete range coverage anti-inhalation protection net efficiently prevents gravel, sand, and leaves inhaled by extremely powerful airflow that comes from the high-speed operation fan. The product has a fixed-speed cruise large handle pans front and rear by 10c range for convenient 160° rotation operation. The flexible handle makes it comfortable and effortless to use. Lastly, it features a long hose and tube double sword. The hose also has a humanized design for smooth operation, and it can blow to any material you want to get rid of without any hassle.



  • 360° coverage protection
  • Thickened strap back pad
  • Fixed-speed cruise big handle
  • Automotive-grade air filter
  • Huge hose and long tube double sword
  • Wind speed: 90m/s
  • Mating Power: 1E50F
  • Rated power: 3kw/7200R/min
  • Fuel capacity: 3LC
  • Fuel consumption: 544G/KW.H

The Pro PR240 offers premium features of the more expensive versions while still keeping a cost-effective price tag. It has a two speed, 179cc powered engine that operates using 8.25 foot-pounds of torque, offering massive snow blowing power. It also has a friction disc transmission that sports a total of six forward speeds that comes with additional convenient reverse gear, in case you need to go through tight spaces. Offering an intake clearance of 23 inches tall and 24 inches wide, the Poulan Pro PR240 can handle a few feet of drifts and snow. It utilizes an exceptional and effective 2-step clearing procedure by Poulan, which is to dig through the ice and snow using a 12-inch ribbon auger and blow it towards the exit chute using the impeller blade.



  • A powerful and heavy-duty engine that makes snow and ice clearing tasks easier.
  • Durable ribbon augers that can efficiently break through ice and snow.
  • Remote controls deflector and chute. The console-mounted chute quickly tosses the snow where you want it.
  • Unbeatable performance
  • Adjustable height
  • Redesigned control panel and more comfortable to utilize control
  • Enhanced power setting
  • Cutting edge, friction disc transmission that prevents damage
  • Fast and easy to assemble
  • Decreased tipping force
  • Two-step clearing process-ribbon augers

The 24V-X2-SB18 18-Inch 48-Volt 4.0-Ah Cordless Snow Blower is the newest innovation in the field of cordless snow-clearing technology. Supported by SnowJoe’s  premium ion+ 24V lithium-ion battery system, the additional 4.0 Ah batteries offer as much as 40 min of rechargeable runtime. The best part is, it doesn’t release any carbon emissions so you can guarantee cleaner air. You can remove the cord and blast through parts that can’t be reached with an extension cord, thanks to its ion+ cordless convenience. Moreover, it is equipped with powerful, rubber-tipped steel blade auger that has the capacity to clear 10 inch deep by 10 inch wide path in just one pass. The heavy-duty 1200W brushless motor can break through a maximum of 14 snow for every charge – as much as 700 lbs each min. In addition, the integrated scraper bar located at the base of the equipment can get rid of snow without causing damage to your pavement, driveway, or deck. You can also place the powder exactly where you want it, thanks to its adjustable chute control that rotates up to 180° to toss snow as far as 20′ of distance and in any direction that you like. If you need to do some snow clearing in the dark, this equipment is also up for the job. It has a built-in 2W LED headlight lights which offer bright and consistent lighting. If your work demands long hours of operation, enhance your battery power by accessing more ion+ options that you can choose from online or invest in S set ion+ batteries for a continuous snow clearing operation. 



  • 2W LED headlight lights for safe and bright nighttime clearing
  • 4-blade rubber-tipped steel drill that can get rid of snow in 10-inch deep x 10-inch path in one pass
  • ion+ 24-volt battery system compatible with 2x 4.0 Ah batteries that provides as much as 40 minutes of rechargeable runtime
  • 1200W brushless motor eliminates as much as 14 tons of snow for each charge
  • The adjustable chute that can rotate in a maximum of 180° to toss snow as far as 20 ft. away in all directions
  • Safety switch to prevent accidental starting

The 31BS63EE500 Two-Stage 24″ Gas Snow Blower from Yard Machines is the right equipment that can handle moderate to heavy winter conditions. In times of heavy snowfall, you can guarantee that the 31BS63EE500 will work as much as you do. It sports two reverse and six forward speed settings to cut down labor and time by altering speeds based on the conditions. Besides this, the electric start also decreases your working time by removing the need to pull start the snowblower. It has a 21-inch intake height and 24-inch clearing width that is perfect for moderate up to heavy snowfalls. The 31BS63EE500 also sports a remote crank chute rotation that can toss the snow in the direction that you want and sturdy 13 inches by 4 inch Snow Hog tires that guarantee remarkable traction to complete the work in any snow conditions you face.



  • Two reverse speeds and four forward speeds; manual and electric start
  • 208cc PowerMore OHV engine. It comes with an airless tire that offers similar performance to regular pneumatic. The tire doesn’t go flat, as well.
  • 21-inch intake height and 24-inch clearing width
  • Polymer skid shoes for greater consistency
  • 13 inch by 4 inch Snow Hog tires that offers fantastic traction in any type of snow condition
  • Supported by two-year limited residential warranty
  • Tested and engineered in Canada
  • Comes with easy-to-find replacement parts
  • Has a network of 1,100 service dealers
  • Offers bilingual customer service support for easy and hassle-free communication

Bolens perfectly merges excellent value to their fantastic line of outdoor power equipment that is capable of getting the work done efficiently. You can count on their products to perform well on any season. Their 31AS32AD565 Two-Stage 22″ Snow Blower is a high-level and compact equipment that sports manual reverse and one forward speed. It comes with an adjustable manual chute rotation that enables you to project snow in your preferred direction. It also has Snow Hog tires’ durable treads that render improved traction.



  • 16-inch intake height and 22″ clearing width
  • Supported by 179cc PowerMore OHV
  • Serrated augers break through the snow for efficient and quick removal
  • Manual chute adjustment to project snow at desired location and direction
  • Hardwearing standard polymer chute that withstands cracks, dents, and rust
  • Compact two-stage snow blower that provides uncomplicated storage and maneuverability.
  • Made to replicate the size of a single-stage, but it performs exactly like a two-stage snowblower.
  • It has an electric start capability, with a manual recoil start that makes it quicker and easier for you to turn on the snowblower.
  • Backed up with two years of limited residential warranty
  • Engineered and tested mainly in Canada and manufactured with easy-to-find replacement parts.
  • Bilingual customer service support for more natural communication

The Average Price of Snow Blowers

Before anything else, it’s worth mentioning that the different snowblowers do not cost the same. There are plenty of models distributed by various companies designed for specific uses. There are many factors to consider before a snowblower purchase. A buyer should study the brand construction, capability, and size. These also contribute to the price of the snowblower. Typically, snow blowers can cost somewhere between a few hundred dollars or less than several thousands. The price ranges widely because this equipment handles a specific job, and vary depending on location and the task that you want to do. Your options will suit a smaller category of equipment types. Apart from this, brand name blowers tend to cost much compared to those that are manufactured by lesser-known sources. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that less popular companies make less powerful equipment.

What is the Best 2 Stage Snow Blower?

The best 2 stage snow blower is the MTD Gold 31AH74KG504 28″ Two-Stage Snow Thrower – 277cc PowerMore OHV. From the qualities mentioned above, it is arguably the best 2 stage snowblower.

What is the Best Time of Year to Buy a Snowblower?

The best time to buy a snowblower is at the tail end of autumn. Purchasing a snowblower just before you need it ensures that the machine is working and in top condition. Additionally, you can use the first snowfall to break in the snowblower. In the United States, Black Friday is the best day to purchase a snowblower when there are sales in stores and online. Also, besides the promos, stores sell at a discount. 

3 Stage Snow Blower

A three-stage snow blower is becoming more and more popular these days because of its powerful ability to break through compacted and many inches of snow. But aside from this, the three-stage snow blower comes with a lot of amazing features that one will surely find it challenging to resist, especially since the snow-clearing season is here.

The three-stage snow blower features two long-lasting steel augers that collect and transport inches of snow to the middle where the induction accelerator breaks and pushes the snow straight towards the ultra-efficient impeller, projecting it as much as 50 feet away. Throughput refers to the amount of snow that passes through the blower at any time. Three-stage snow blowers transport a maximum of 50% more snow compared to two-stage machines. These have higher efficiency and result in lesser amount of snow left in the clearing site. The higher throughout provided by a three-stage also indicates that it can remove more snow in a single operation. It promises efficiency, speed, and power. Moreover, due to its upgraded performance and cutting edge design, it leaves a limited amount of snow behind. It continuously moves a massive amount of snow to the impeller, which guarantees a clean driveway and augers once you finish the task.

2 stage vs 3 Stage Snow Blower

Is there any difference between a two-stage snow blower and a 3-stage snowblower? When you are online shopping, it’s difficult to tell what separates these two similar models of machines away from each other. To finally break the confusion and clear the difference between a two-stage and three-stage snowblower, this guide will compare both models and tackle their distinct features. It will also help you select which model that suits you best.

Two-stage snow blowers have collection drills that remove the snow and place it into the equipment. It comes with an impeller, supported by the motor that accelerates the snow clearing process and tosses it out of your preferred location. You might be wondering what happens in case the snow is too hard, compacted, or icy for the collection auger to remove? Well, if you are utilizing a two-stage snow blower, you are way out of luck. It’s either you break it by using a shovel or continuously hit it using the collection auger – which will decrease the life expectancy of your snowblower.

Three-stage blowers have similar stages as two-stage machines; however, it has an additional preliminary stage. In this extra stage, another drill, usually at a 90° angle to the main drill, breaks through icy or hard snow. You won’t work faster, however, you’ll be able to deal with compacted snow formations and crack it easily.

All in all, if you live in a residential area where heavy snowfall conditions are prevalent, it is ideal to invest in a three-stage snowblower. However, if winter seasons aren’t that harsh in your location, a two-stage snow blower can do the job. Look for a corded electric with a joystick chute or a battery powered options to get the job done.

Top-rated Snow Blowers

The MTD Gold 24″ Gas Two-Stage Snow Blower – 208cc PowerMore OHV with Electric Start is a top-rated snowblower in the industry. It works using regular gasoline, which means less hassle and complicity during operation since it removes the need to mix oils or gases. It has a lot of notable features, including easy start-up, 2 stage Impeller/Auger system, and two reverse and four forward speeds. It also sports a durable steel housing with a foldable and ergonomic handle.

Another one on the list is the Bolens 31AS32AD565 Two-Stage 22″ Snow Blower – 179cc PowerMore OHV. This model perfectly combines excellent value with incredible performance. It is a compact and high-level two-stage snow blower that comes with one forward speed and manual reverse. Its adjustable manual chute rotation allows the smooth projection of snow to the desired location.

Best Snow Blower Brand

The best snow blower brand is the Modern Tool and Die Company or MTD. It has been in the industry for more than 80 years, supplying quality equipment for leading brands all over the globe. Their expertise and experience have led them to design and manufacture high-performing snow blowers for specific snow clearing needs and requirements. MTD snow removing equipment has single-stage and double-stage designs with a variety of heavy-duty options for commercial and home use.

Best Snow Blower Available in Canada

The best snowblower available in Canada is the Snow Joe 24V-X2-SB18 18-Inch 48-Volt 4.0-Ah Cordless Snow Blower, Kit (w/2 x 24-Volt 4.0-Ah Batteries and Rapid Charger). It runs on a deluxe ion+ 24V lithium-ion battery system from Snow Joe that comes with an additional 4.0 Ah batteries, which provides a massive rechargeable runtime of 40 mins. One thing that makes this snow blower unique from others is that it doesn’t release any carbon emissions. It has a long-wearing, rubber-tipped steel blade auger that can clean a 10-inch wide x 10-inch deep path using one single movement.

Small Snow Blower

Small snow blowers are best to use since they are lightweight and easy to move around. Gone are the days of bulky equipment, small-sized snowblowers such as the YARDMAX YB6270 Two-Stage Snow Blower, LCT Engine, 7.0HP, 208cc, 24″ is definitely in this winter season. It is incredibly comfortable to use during snow clearing operations. 

Cheap Snow Blower

Budget plays an essential part in choosing a snowblower and with an affordable model like the MTD Gold 31AH74KG504 28″ Two-Stage Snow Thrower – 277cc PowerMore OHV, rest assured that it will deliver a performance that is similar to expensive snow blowers on the market. It boasts a lot of premium features that will ensure you that you’ll get a bang for your buck.  Check the average price of snow blowers to help you find the best. You can also look at home depot snow blowers or a small snow blower and compare so you can find the best snow blower available in Canada.

Self Propelled Snow Blower

If you are looking for the best snow blowers on the market but a cheap snow blower at the same time that will save you labor and time, self-propelled ones are a great option. Though they are on the expensive side, their features are unmatched. They have an engine that is similar to those utilized in cars. They use a set of buttons and gears on the handlebars. All you have to do is guide the machine in the right direction and it will handle snow and work on clearing snow without much work on your park.  You will be able to handle snow work – including heavy wet snow and powered snow that is up to 18 inches or 20 inches with as much power as a self propelled snow blower.

Snow Thrower vs Snow Blower

A snow thrower vs snow blower is usually linked to each other. Not only do they sound alike, but they also belong to a similar category of equipment. You can find snow blower home depot models everywhere. Or, you can buy home depot snow blower online.

There are cases where people refer to them as the counterpart of each other, are they the same? The simple answer is they are not.

The term throw the snow is used to refer to a single-stage snow removal equipment that collects the snow or ice in a single motion and tosses it out the chute via a continuous movement. Single-stage is the process of throwing the snow in one single action. On the other hand, “snow blower” is used to describe a two-stage snow removal equipment. The first stage takes place when the auger gathers the snow and the second stage occurs when the snow is sent to the impeller which tosses it out of the chute. The word “blower” makes sense since the impeller works just like a fan, though it is much stronger and more powerful.

Additionally, best snow throwers tend to be smaller compared to snow blowers. It’s signature single-stage model, even if it can efficiently remove snow, can’t shoot snow as powerful as a two-stage version. In contrast, two-stage snow blowers are larger in size and stronger in performance. There are even models that can blow snow as much as 50 feet with set accuracy. Furthermore, two-stage snow blowers are wider. They are suitable for individuals who have a vast space to clean. They also have taller intake height, which makes them fully capable of resolving deep snowdrifts.

Lastly, single-stage snow throwers are way cheaper compared to two-stage snow blowers. If you live in a residential area that is not prone to heavy snowfall or you don’t have to clear bigger spaces, a single-stage model might be a potential option for you. Check out a toro snow blower as one of your machine options.


Choosing the best snow blower doesn’t have to be a tough task, as long as you have a clear idea of the factors that you need to look for and make sure you buy from trustworthy and popular brands. There are a lot of companies that have established their name on exhaustive years of experience in this industry, which means you’ll surely find one that offers a product that will suit your requirements, needs, and budget.