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10 Top-Rated Expert Choice Must-Have Best Flashlight

As an adventurer, one of the tools you must have inside your backpack is a flashlight. A good source of light when things get gloomy dark and no electricity to turn the switch on. The best flashlights will give you the perfect light during dark times. Whether you are out in the wilderness for a camping trip, a quick run over the dark corner of your basement, late at night, when the generator breaks. Surely a portable light source will save the day.

You should also be ready in case of emergencies, aside from stocking foods and clothes, flashlights are more than just light source but even lifesavers. The brightness of your flashlight is important, longevity, settings, and batteries. We’ve got ten of the most excellent flashlight lists that are a must-have for every home, campers, and your to-go-emergency-kit.

We also included the things that you need to check, modes, and everything you need to know about this easy and handy source of light. Check them out now!

The 10 Top Rated Flashlights

The Defiant 1500 Lumens LED Flashlight is made up of three fitted Cree LED premium-grade lights to optimize brightness in the dark. With a customizable light setting to choose from. Whether you go for low output or high output mode for comfort and convenience. It’s ergonomically lightweight, the flashlight body is made of durable aluminum material design for portability and longevity.

With easy button press for switching on and off, having a quick source of light for darker situations is made handy and sustainable. With 8 hours light from its battery, a sure win and essential for emergency or when things got caught up. It also has three modes of light to choose from, whether you need flashing to caught attention, low or high output for light settings.


Benefits And Features

  • It has an 1181 ft distance light beam that is surely a great help for emergencies and more.
  • Convenient easy button press for an immediate light source, have instant brightness to illuminate darker areas in your yard, home, and even basement.
  • Includes a switch depressed for automatic shut off of flashlight with 1.5seconds key press.
  • 8 hours of longevity battery life span. Best to use for emergencies and other unwanted scenarios that need an immediate yet portable light source.
  • A great light range ideal for hiking and outdoor activities.
  • Multifunctional light modes to match your light needs. Control your flashlight between flashing, low output, and high output frameworks.
  • Ergonomically lightweight, portable, and durable aluminum material body construction.
  • Excellent light reflector whether for indoor or outdoor use.

The ACRO Lights 990X has 3200 lumens light, with 35 watts Xenon 43K HID bulb that can provide 2700 lux at a range of 25 feet long. You can easily adjust the light beam to your spot by simply rotating the bulb lens. With a heavy-duty and durable alloy materials for its headlight. There are 70 minutes of the light source running coming for each battery.

This flashlight uses two rechargeable 12V Ni-MH batteries. It comes with a carrying case and straps for your AC charger. The charger can be directly plugged into the batteries. The top swivel 90 to 180 degrees with a simple button press, no other tools needed. With water and dust resistant lightweight housing, it’s a handy flashlight for multifunctional usage.


Benefits And Features

  • Convenient, lightweight and easy of use, sliding for power on/off. 
  • LED light charging indicator for batteries, with simple charging gestures red for charging in progress and green for a complete charge battery.
  • Manages at least 50% less energy consumption compared to other standard flashlights.
  • 3200 lumens light with 25 feet spot range from 35 watts xenon 43K HID bulb.
  • Heavy-duty and durable aluminum constructed headlight.
  • 70 minutes light source run time battery each.
  • 2 rechargeable 12V Ni-MH batteries you can interchange when needed.
  • Includes portable Ac charger which you can directly plug to the batteries when charging.
  • 90 to 180 degrees swivel head with a simple button press, no tools needed.
  • Water and dust resistant portable housing for multifunctional usage.

The IMALENT DX80 is a flood flashlight with 32,000 lumens as its maximum brightness. This LED rechargeable flashlight is multifunctional and versatile, which can be used in any circumstances whenever the light is needed. With its 8 pieces American 2nd generation CREE XHP70, that can provide 32,000 lumens light on any given time. The easy to use OLED screen displays modes, voltage, and output.

The compact size provides high output for illumination comes is 6 setting options to cater to your light needs. With the OLED display to help you keep track of the settings, modes, output, voltages, and even sends a warning for overheating. Certainly a great deal of portable control. The simple button press allows you to instantly change to turbo mode for maximum illuminating settings whenever you need it. 

The switch for tactical pressure is easy to maneuver for superior and high-quality flashlight performance. 18650 rechargeable pack of batteries for a robust light source. 


Benefits And Features

  • OLED display multifunctional showing different settings and parameters for excellent product guide and usage
  • Utilize 8 pieces American 2nd generation CREE XHP70 LEDs with 32000 lumens maximum output and a robust 50000 hours of lifespan.
  • Built-in 18650 rechargeable high-performance Li-ion batteries of 8 3000mAh.  
  • Lightweight, compact, and ultra-efficient continuous current circuit that helps maintain its optimum brightness.  
  • With protection from batteries places the opposite side. 
  • Built-in automatic module thermal control which adjusts the brightness output for comfort and convenience.
  • Durable OP reflector made of aluminum, anti-reflective glass coating, and solid extra-clear mineral combination for glass. 
  • Made with aluminum aerospace-grade body alloy, Type III wear-resistant hard-anodized treatment surface.
  • Submersible to 2-meter water depth, waterproof IPX-8 standard.
  • With tail stand functionality and can resist 1.5m impact

The Probuilt T2600 casing is made of aluminum alloy military-grade materials, it is durable, bright, and rugged. With the HID bulbs, Xenon that is 35 watts can provide 2600 lumens that can reach up to 3000 ft. The product comes with an amber lens that is ideal for foggy surroundings, a case used for carrying the flashlight, li-ion battery, straps, wall, and car charger.

This lightweight battery-powered flashlight is a great light source whenever the need arises. With 3.4 lbs and 18 inches long, you can easily adjust the light beam from floodlight to spotlight conveniently. With a fast charger that can help you get your flashlight in a couple of hours to be ready.


Benefits And Features

  • Adjustable and flexible beam light that can instantly switch from floodlight to a spotlight.
  • Fast charging process which only takes a couple of hours until your flashlight is back in action.
  • Rechargeable Li-ion batteries that have a run time of 140 minutes on low output and 100 minutes on high-output. 
  • Lightweight and efficient, weighing only 3.4 pounds and 18 inches long, portable and handy whenever needed. 
  • The casing is made of premium alloy military-grade materials which are durable, light, and rugged. 
  • HID bulb Xenon with 35 watts power that can illuminate 2600 lumen which can reach up to 3000 ft.
  • The product comes with an amber lens which is excellent for foggy surroundings, wall and car charger, casing, straps, and battery.

The Fenix TK47 is an excellent flashlight that provides a long light beam using rechargeable robust Li-ion batteries. A maximum 1300 lumen light that can reach up to 2300 feet. This distance vague white light source is must-have gear not just for outdoor activities but ideal for emergency and whenever the need for light arises.

The neutral LED quality red (LED) light, white LED, and tip diffuser is specially designed for an efficient tail light. With a double independent source of light that you can immensely use simultaneously. Comes with lanyard and holster. You can purchase the product in a bundle which includes the complete accessories and tools needed for superior light performance.


Benefits And Features

  • The TK47 is a rechargeable flashlight that provides a long light beam (2300 ft) while using li-ion batteries. 
  • The brightness settings can be adjusted to meet your needs. With multifunctional light modes to meet your setting needs. For headlight options, you can check the settings from the strobe, low. Medium, high, and turbo, which can reach a maximum of 1300 lumen. 
  • A double independent source of light with immensely using simultaneously. 
  • It is durable and lightweight made of aluminum aircraft-grade alloy, type III premium hard-anodized abrasive-resistant finish. 
  • The switch and bezel are made of pure stainless steel metal. 
  • Double-layer structured body.
  • Headlight innovation lockout functionality.
  • Regulated digital output to maintain continuous brightness.

The Streamlight 45605 has a robust peripheral and intensity of illuminating brightness to light up even a whole view. With a 90-degree pivot designed neck which is ideal for construction site inspection, field maintenance, and inspecting remote pieces of equipment and tools. Guaranteed durable, heavy-duty, portable, and rechargeable complete strength searchlight which does everything you need.

This HID LiteBox is compatible with the transport DC energy source to be plugged in. it will immediately and automatically work. Its portability allows carrying it anywhere you need to illuminate settings.


Benefits And Features

  • This HID LiteBox has 1,000,000 peak beam candela light strength and 3350 lumens. The 35W high-strength Xenon bulb light discharges up to 2000 hours of minimum lifespan. 
  • The reflector which is like a parabolic deep-dish can provide a long radius beam light with external illumination for a whole view lighting. 
  • A 90-degree pivot neck is ideal for adjusting the precise aim for the target location to optimize the lighting task. 
  • Cost-efficient, economical, rechargeable, and environment-friendly materials and batteries with guaranteed robust lighting performance.
  • The 12V low to zero-maintenance battery lead acid has a 7.2-amp-hours, recharging capabilities for up to 500 times. 
  • It has an LED light battery status for convenience when charging is over or needed.
  • Made with durability. Designed with high-impact thermoplastic ABS installation and weatherproof structure.
  • Fabricated with elastomer bumper impact, cushioned-grip holder, and lens ring. Indivisible D-rings provide for the appendage of shoulder straps.

This portable, rechargeable, and transport DC compatibility is your best solution for lighting tasks, anytime and anywhere. Whether you need to move with your flashlight or not, it’s an ideal tool for brightness settings and solutions. The reflector deep-dish parabolic provides a long radius super strength focus. With 1M candela peak emission. Optimum external illumination for view lightning.

It’s 90 degrees pivot neck allows you to direct the laser where you need it the most. With 35W HID Xenon bulb, 3350 lumens, 1M candela peak emission, a minimum of 2000 hours run time. Using 10 feet 12V DC power cordage, rest assured that charging will be continuous even if the light is in operation.


Benefits And Features

  • Built with high-impact thermoplastic ABS housing and weatherproof structure materials.
  • 1M peak emission candlelight power, 3350 lumens, and 35 watts HID Xenon bulb light.
  • Parabolic deep-dish reflector provides a long radius high-strength focused. 
  • A fully articulating peak can be directed specifically at any point. 
  • The 12V low to zero-maintenance battery lead acid has a 7.2mAh, recharging capabilities for up to 500 times.  
  • Portable, rechargeable, and transport DC compatibility for sustainability and reliability. Can take the flashlight with full relocation option settings.

This multifunctional UV301 flashlight is your best inspection ger that is suitable for the need of an extra pair of keen eyes. It detects counterfeit or authentic money, urine from pets, ideal for hotel inspections for rooms hygiene and other stains, spots dangerous scorpions, detects cracks or repaired porcelain, antiques, and glassware. It is also ideal for industrial inspections like fluid leakage and more.

This flashlight is powered by one AA battery. It’s lightweight, compact, and multifunctional. A type III military anti-abrasive hard-anodized treatment surface. With anti-skid and anti-rolling knurling innovations. It is also waterproof and comfortable to hold. With guaranteed longevity running time.


Benefits And Features

  • This flashlight is made of a durable aerospace-grade robust aluminum alloy frame structure. 
  • Type III military specifications hard-anodized treatment surface. Battery-powered using only 1.5V for its LG LED bulb light source for brightness.
  • A multifunctional setting flashlight that can be used for inspection and authentication process. 
  • It’s lightweight and compact with ease of use, single button power press key setting. 
  • An intelligently designed circuit using UV301 with thermal management for overheating and overcharge setting for your flashlight. 
  • Digital current regulation, brightness contrasts. Polarity reservation to avoid wrong battery side insertion.
  • Portable and easy to control light beam, easy to adjust to your preferred setting, even using one hand for the power switch on/off when light is needed. 
  • Comfort and convenience carrying option with clips to easily attach to your backpack and more.

This 6,000 lumens compact, lightweight, and multifunctional flashlight is your best source of brightness when needed the most. With simple operation setting, easy to use, powered by a rechargeable 7800mAh Li-ion batteries, a sure long run lifespan to keep you illuminated for up to 50,000 running hours.

With a digital regulation output to maintain the perfect brightness simultaneously. With a new innovative technology that intelligently remembers the last light setting operation mode. Compatible with DC transport charger and AC charger. With removable straps for the shoulder to easily carry around without the need to hold its weight.


Benefits And Features

  • This flashlight uses LED CREE bulb light XM-L2 U2 with a long-running time of 50,000 hours.
  • The rechargeable 7800mAh/7.4 Volts Lithium-ion battery will cater to your brightness needs should you need it anytime.
  • Compact, lightweight, and durable materials made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy for superior quality. 
  • The structured surface is made of type III military grade hard-anodized treatment surface. 
  • Convenient and fast operation via double switch button press in the gear neck.
  • Compatibility to transport DC charger and AC adapter wall charger. It also acts as an emergency power bank with its discharging functionality.
  • With a smart technology memory setting feature that remembers the last brightness mode you used. 
  • Five operating modes to choose from low, eco, mid, high, and turbo. With SOS and strobes setting for convenience.

The IMALENT MS18 is considered as the brightest of all the rechargeable battery-powered flashlights on the market today. Having 18 pieces of Cree light bulb, with XHP70 LEDs second high lumens with a long-range illuminating distance of 1350m. A great lighting tool for hiking, camping, exploring, caving, power outage, and more.

Multifunctional, compact, durable and reliable 9 modes of extra-bright illuminating beam setting to choose from. Ideal for inspection purposes and best to include in your kits for an emergency. With digital screen OLED display to determine the power capacity of your flashlight. This is the very first innovation of heat pipe functions for a flashlight cooling system.


Benefits And Features

  • 100,000 light output lumens with 1350m beam lighting distance. Ideal for outdoor adventures and activities such as hiking, caving, camping, exploring, and more. 
  • The brightest light source you’ll ever have with 18 pieces Cree LED XHP70 bulbs.
  • It offers an extra-wide light beam that can light a scene for up to 50 percent more than a car headlight. 
  • Multifunctional setting options with 9 modes variety of brightness to choose from. 
  • Digital screen OLED display helps you determine the battery status of your flashlight.
  • With pipe functions for tool cooling system, a first advance setting for flashlight functions in the market today.
  • With rechargeable batteries for longer-lasting running time for illuminating darker space or area needed. 
  • Made with heavy-duty aluminum alloy known for its durability, sturdy, and excellent efficiency structure. 
  • Guaranteed waterproof, adjustable brightness setting options for comfort and convenience.

Brightest Flashlight of 2019

A flashlight is an essential tool to provide illumination through dark places. Whether indoors, in your basement, or an outdoor adventure and exploring like caving, hiking, and camping. It can also be a valuable tool both for inspection and emergency purposes. With that, looking for the best and brightest flashlight may seem daunting at times, especially if you do not know which one fits your needs. This comprehensive review of the best flashlight will help you weigh things out precisely and of the benefits, you can get.

However, before jumping into getting the most expensive or top-rated flashlight out there, let’s try checking for important factors associated with quality over peculiarities. Aside from your budget, battery life, durability, and beam radius, easy of use and materials used for your light source is essential.

Benefits And Features

Structure and materials used. What your flashlight is made of will determine its durability. Whether it’s made of aircraft-grade alloy, plastic, or metal, it will determine its durability, the moment you check its construction, and you can safely say if it will last longer or not.

Cost. There is a good quality of less than $100 flashlights. But if you are looking for longevity, something higher than that price range is a great buy. The best flashlight is an investment. Their durability, efficiency, brightness levels, brightness setting, manufacturer brand models, rating, and weight can affect their price tag too.

Lumen. Lumens is the basic measurement of brightness for any portable man-made light source, bulb, flashlights, etc. This is what your eyes can see, the light output affects the visibility through the naked eye. For most household lights or bulbs, the lumen is the scattered source of light coming from every possible direction.

On the contrary, flashlight lumens are different. The light coming from such equipment seems brighter even if they have the same average amount of lumens. The standard bulb uses approximately 300 lumens to 400 at times. This is because the flashlight keeps its lumens in one direction instead of coming from every direction. The spotlight uses every lumen to create a stronger light beam.

The brightest flashlight to date is IMALENT MS18, a massive 100,000 lumens light is truly extraordinary. This amount of lumen is far behind the requirement for domestic use. While headlamps may not offer higher lumen than that, same as AA battery-powered lights. They generally produce less brightness compared to MS18.

If you will be using a flashlight for household, anything between a hundred to 300 lumens is ideal. If you are going out for hiking or camping, anything between 500 lumens to 1000 is a good choice. However, for emergency search and rescue usage, higher than 1000lm is essential. Though a massive 100,000 lm is already an impressive one for its threshold it is considered the best flashlight nowadays.

Brief History: When Was The Flashlight Invented

Ever wonder when was the flashlight invented? Based on statistical facts, the mastermind for inventing the flashlight was David Misell in late 1899. The idea was put into action after the portable battery was invented in 1896. English inventor Misell then patented the design. It used three D-batteries and an incandescent light bulb with a simple key switch to control.

The light produced by this portable light does not last long and it is considered as a flash of light alone. They were turned off for the light to rest until they are ready to use afterward. The batteries made of zinc-carbon can’t provide a stable electric current. Later on, carbon filament was replaced with modern innovation, until we are introduced to LED lights.

The invention way back then has completely changed and adopt fast-phase technology. The design was somehow almost the same principle for produces a high-end robust source of light nowadays.

Most Powerful Flashlight

The most powerful flashlight to date is the Imalent MS18. aside from its the brightest. It is also considered robust illuminating strength that can reach up to 1350m beam light. With its brightness levels of 100,000 lumens, a great source of illumination for your outdoor adventures, hiking, camping, caving, or any sort of light needed.

It’s 18 pieces American Cree LED XHP70 bulbs with a wider light beam that can light up to 50% better than using a car headlight. Bragging its multifunctional 9 setting option modes for complete brightness levels of satisfaction. The digital OLED display allows you to check your battery and flashlight status. Guaranteed waterproof, provides comfort and ease of use for convenience.

Best Battery Operated Flashlight

The best battery operated flashlight based on customer review and rating is the Maglite products. They are considered one of the most trusted brands aside from ThruNite models. Most ThruNite models are taking advantage of what Li-ion batteries have to offer. They are also compact and always on the list for top Amazon products for flashlights and other sources of light.

Excellent standard Maglite models are commonly used by law enforcement groups not just for search and rescue operations but for almost any particular necessary for lights. Maglite is not just about providing illumination. They are durable enough to be a defense mechanism from any harm. Thus these battery-operated flashlights are ideal, durable, waterproof and efficient for any brightness levels on demand.

Best Flashlight That Uses AA Batteries

There are three types of AA batteries most flashlights used. Whether you are using AA rechargeable batteries Ni-MH, Lithium AA, and Alkaline AA. All of which are traditionally used by standard flashlight which offers great light sources on demand. These 3 types of battery enable usage from different settings. One may be cheaper over the other but all are qualified to produce enough electricity for your emergency needs.

The Streamlight 45621 HID Litebox Flashlight is the best flashlight that uses AA batteries. It’s durable, rechargeable and even compatible with your transport DC. with a long radius super strength focus that provides 1 million candela peak emission. The 90-degree pivot neck allows you to direct the laser where you need to focus. It’s 3350 lumen that can run 2000 hours minimum. Such functionality for a battery-operated flashlight.

Benefits And Features

  • Portable and handy
  • Easy to use
  • Convenience charging option
  • Comfortable and compatibility to DC transport charger/optional
  • Durable 
  • Longer lifespan
  • Ideal for emergencies
  • Compact 
  • Heavy duty
  • Light efficient source

Top Ten Flashlights

Our top ten flashlights, based on their specifications, durability, portability, and sustainability are the lists above. With their helpful benefits and functionalities. Choosing for the best flashlight has never been this easy. They have different characteristics based on your specific needs.

Including the right features and lumens, brightness levels, and battery life are some of the important factors to consider. Most light sources nowadays are made of durable high-grade anti-abrasive materials which are high-impact resistant structures. These ten lists are based on the best rating given by experts and consumer feedback.

Benefits And Features

  • Ergonomical
  • Portable
  • EAsy of use
  • Low-maintenance
  • Heavy-duty
  • Light source efficiency
  • Innovated technology setting models 
  • Waterproof 
  • Excellent equipment both for emergency and search and rescue operations

Small Flashlights

The small flashlights are one of the best flashlights for domestic use. They are also great for camping and hiking where you need to maximize all the gears that you take associated with backpacking. Streamlight offers a variety of compact option for your light source. They are guaranteed high-quality with longevity lifespan.

The Streamlight 45621, for example, is a small rechargeable light source that has a built-in with high-impact thermoplastic ABS housing and weatherproof structure materials. It only uses 12V of power, zero-maintenance battery lead-acid and recharging capabilities of 500 times.

Benefits And Features

  • Portable with small size, ideal for exploring dark corners of your basement or outdoor activities.
  • Longevity lifespan
  • Immediate source of light
  • Advance technology innovations
  • High-end materials for construction
  • Lightweight 
  • Ease of use
  • Convenient control options

Best Home Flashlights

Knowing what characteristics should the best home flashlight must-have is essential to find out what you need for domestic use. Since most pieces of equipment are using innovations such as bulb, most flashlight LEDs have standard lumen. Most domestic tools require 100 to 500 lumens. Their battery life depends on their electric circuit and energy consumption.

New features are added for every model, just like a strobe light option which is ideal for emergency scenarios. The strobes give a distress signal for help. There are also different color settings for each use. Some are even solar-powered which are beneficial if you are in the wilderness and AC adapter is not available.

Our top pick for domestic use will be the ACRO Lights 990X- Rechargeable HID Flashlight. It’s 35W Xenon bulb, lightweight, 25 feet long light radius, with 70 minutes run time for each rechargeable battery. It’s water and dust-proof housing is sure easy equipment to use. The best part is, it’s easy to use the illuminating tool.

Best Work Flashlights

The best work flashlight should be reliable, not just with the battery life but the illumination level. Plus should not break the bank when you decide to purchase one. It must come with additional features from traditional light sources. For example, the LIGHTFE UV301 395nm UV Flashlight is a great tool for inspection. Whether in the field, industrial, commercial, and outdoor use. It can detect counterfeit bills from authentic ones. Urine from pets, hygiene level for hotel rooms and other types of stains. It can detect dangerous scorpions, repaired and crack antique parts and porcelain. It is a multifunctional tool for a keen eye.

With its lightweight, compact, and multifunctional peculiarities. You will surely have a great deal not just for work but even for personal use. Guaranteed to last and top-rated as one of the best flashlights for light output rating. 

What Is The Best And Brightest Flashlight?

The best and brightest flashlight is the Imalent MS18. A massive 100,00 lumens bulb light, 1350m beam distance light. It’s simply the excellent light source for outdoor whenever illumination is needed in the scene. It’s 18 pieces Cree XHP70 bulbs, with 9 multifunctional brightness settings for optimum performance.

Imalent is known for providing the best rating illuminating light source in the market today. With compact weight to continue to provide brightness whenever needed. Another first innovation is the cooling system pipe functionality which prevents your unit from overcharging or overheating.

What Flashlight Does Police Use?

Ever wonder what flashlight does police or law enforcement officer use? Aside from Streamlight’s models, police officers use Maglite flashlights. The robust flashlight led lights from Maglite has a dual purpose. It does not just serve as a source of light but as a tool for self-defense. It is constructed with heavy-duty and solid rock structure, water-resistant, and anodized constructed both interior and exterior frame. Though the model may propose a 700 lumens bulb, it guaranteed the durability to last longer than expected.

How Many Lumens Is A Good Flashlight?

The light output you need to see in the dark is measured through lumens. A light source is essential not just for law enforcement individuals but even for domestic use. A must-have part of your emergency kit. There are different measurements of lumens for every use. You may need a higher amount of lumens if you are using your light source outdoors, for camping, hiking, inspection, and more.

A good lumen light source can have a minimum of 100 to 400 lm which is great for domestic or household use. This average number can be good for security purposes. While 500 to 1000lm led flashlight is ideal for outdoor activities. Some even have a pocket clip for most police equipment.

And for those who need an extremely powerful led flashlight with excellent battery life, averaging from 1000lm and more are used for rescue operations, hunting, recreational and outdoor activities to provide intense illumination. 

What Is A Tactical Flashlight?

A tactical flashlight is an equipment used by most law enforcement, soldiers, marksman or policeman. The focused beam allows the enforcement group or individual to temporarily blind their target while aiming at the weapon at once.

Moreover, way back in 2005, the required lumens for a tactical flashlight is 100 only, but with technology innovation and the introduction of LED lights, tactical flashlight nowadays needs at least 1000 lumens light. There are even massive amounts of lumens for tac flashlight available in the market right now.


With all the different models, peculiarities and product specifications, looking for the best flashlight whether for your daily use, emergency use or work use is easier. Out of the ten best flashlights in our lists, we greatly recommend the Defiant 1500 Lumens LED Flashlight for your daily use. It’s ergonomically lightweight. The brightness settings can be adjusted to your preference, including its low and high light output.

Its portable weight, budget-friendly price with maximum power for illuminance. You can continue to read more of its amazing benefits and advantages above. The body structure is made to last and dependable durability. Its ease of use and simple setting will help you get things done in no time. It offers convenience and security like you need your flashlight to be.