Best Car Battery Charger

The 10 Best Car Battery Charger for Emergencies

Best Car Battery Charger

Everyone knows that disappointing feeling when you turn in your car key, and nothing happens. To prevent a discharged battery, having the best car battery charger is essential. However, which ones are the most trustworthy, and how do they operate? This article discusses the ten best car battery chargers below to guide you on your future purchase.

Top 10 Battery Chargers

The PowerMax PMBC-100LK charger/converter features a wholly integrated 3-stage microprocessor controller together with an extremely controlled power supply payoff. The LK series sports a selector between Fixed Output Mode or 3-Stage Smart charging process. The primary feature of the PMBC Series charger is its ability to offer clean, safe, and consistent output power to a vehicle after every diagnostic and programming servicing. Utilizing nothing but the most significant technology in manufacturing, Power Max has engineered and created a remarkable charger/converter. It highlights its ability to provide a consistent load output of as much as 100% of its rated capacity. The PMBC Series converters are one of the forerunners in the industry.

Moreover, the PowerMax PMBC Power Supply/Battery Chargers offers clean and trustworthy power for maintaining and charging battery state-of-charge in the event of complicated maintenance, service reflash, and in the showroom where the demonstrations of the vehicle take place and demand a generous amount of power from the battery. This product is also the Industry Standard when it comes to offering Superior Charge. The PMBC, PM3, AND PM series units all render strikingly clean AC to DC power as DC power supply or for battery charging. PowerMax offers a standard two-year warranty for all its products.



  • 100 Amp 12V automotive battery
  • Intelligent charging process (13.2V, 13.6V, 14.6V) and single output modes (13 – 16.5V)
  • Includes a mounting bracket, 15 ft. 6AWG cables, and handle
  • Digital Output Display, LED, on/off switch
  • Enables vehicles to showcase all of its electrical accessories and supported features
  • Works excellent for preserving the battery when on maintenance mode
  • Offers a consistent, clean power supply for reprogramming ECMs and utilizing scan tools without the need to discharge the battery
  • Automatically pressures the battery power when rendering complicated mechanical service
  • Innovative switch-mode style to prevent overcharging
  • Provides a cleaner, more efficient, and more trustworthy power source compared to other chargers on the market
  • Completely regulated DC output eliminates any possibility of battery overcharge and renders accurate control to preserve essential battery voltage in times of severe service and reflash
  • Small, quiet, and compact charger/converter
  • Numerous security features for hassle-free and long-lasting lifetime
  • Brownout input, reverse polarity, and over-temperature for overcharge protection
  • Detachable and durable cables

Samlex SEC-2425UL Advanced Fully Automatic Battery Charger Power Supply features a configurable AC Input Voltage, Ammeter and Voltmeter for constant monitoring, Fan Cooled according to Output Current, 3 Stage, 25Amp, and 24 Volt. This state-of-the-art automatic 3-stage 25 Amp battery charger is perfect to charge the battery with different kinds of 24 Volt lead-acid batteries – flooded, AGM, or Gel cell – that came from a 60Hz or 230V, 50Hz AC, 120V source. 

The product also offers a DIP switch setting that enables conversion to a two-stage algorithm and allows you to charge your battery while attached to a DC load or DC UPS. Moreover, it is also an emergency or spare DC Power Supply for automatic charging. Some of its features include short-circuit, overload, reverse polarity, and thermal overload protection. It can charge as much as two independent battery banks and prevent overcharging as you charge the battery.



  • It allows the user to charge the battery banks two at a time, no need for isolator; it can a DC UPS or power supply in conjunction with a battery.
  • It has a switch-mode technology for extreme efficiency, quiet operation, and is lightweight. Its automatic processes for any lead acid batteries such as Gel Cell, AGM, or Flooded.
  • Half power mode minimizes fast charging current up to 50% of the rated capacity, enables users to charge your battery with lower capacities.
  • User Selectable via DIP Switch for 2 or 3 stages, safe and fast charging of independent and loaded lead-acid batteries; user-configurable AC input voltage 50 / 60 Hz, 120 or 230 VAC
  • Enables monitoring of Ammeter and Voltmeter; fan-cooled according to the output pay off; comes with a temperature sensor to protect the battery from over or undercharging in case the temperature abruptly raises. The overcharge protection is an important safety feature.
  • 24 VDC output; 230VAC or 120VAC input; 25 amps
  • 900-RC remote control
  • 9 lbs weight
  • 13″ x 9.6″ x 3.8″ dimension
  • Met the UL Standard UL-1564; EMI complaint to FCC Part 15(B); Class B

IOTA is known for its exceptional quality engineering, and its DLS series truly embodies it. Their superior and clean DC output safeguards your device and guarantees that you achieve perfect outcome every time you charge your car battery. The DLS-54-13 offers 700 watts at 13 amps, making it ideal for fast charging lead-acid batteries straightaway. 

As a battery charger, it preserves the battery, offering its top-rated current in case the battery capacity decreases. The voltage renders maximum flow during important and urgent circumstances to decrease unwanted stress to the battery that might branch out when the cells are heating. 

With this, you can be sure that the battery will have the most extended life. Also, when the battery is about to reach its full capacity, the DLS-54-13 lowers its current to prevent overcharging. It offers a float-charge to the battery to prevent the cells from self-discharging.



  • Incredibly clean DC output
  • Reverse polarity protection in case of incorrect installation
  • The product uses standard automotive blade-type fuses for effortless and convenient replacement
  • Loan regulation or tight line
  • Decreased television and radio equipment interference
  • Limited and transient AC line voltage security

Schumacher’s 100A international is an entirely automatic battery charger or power supply for standard automotive, AGM, lead-acid, start-stop, calcium, and gel cell batteries. What’s great about this equipment is it maintains a stable voltage even under different loads during essential diagnostic work and ECU reprogramming of any vehicle. The voltage adjusts between 13.0-14.8V. It has a microprocessor-controlled that comes with a manual mode, as well as a digital timer. The product includes adjustable mounting brackets and extended reach output cables for simple and uncomplicated installation to the majority of shop vehicle lifts. Apart from this, it also sports cooling fans that are dual temperature-controlled.



  • Adjustable mounting brackets for uncomplicated and straightforward permanent installation to the majority of shop vehicle lifts.
  • The Schumacher INC100 100A 12V Battery Charger and Power Supply is an entirely automatic battery charger for standard automotive, AGM, lead-acid, start-stop, calcium, and gel cell batteries.
  • The manual mode that comes with a digital timer
  • Voltage is adjustable to 13.0 – 14.8 volts
  • Sturdy and durable clamps with replaceable jaws

No matter what product they manufacture, whether it’s an automotive battery tester or automotive trickle charger, Associated Equipment combines state of the art technology to be completely innovative. It designs and makes battery management devices and related products with safety features and distinct qualities. They are currently working to create the perfect and most powerful battery tester, charger, and other products for their esteemed clients. One of their best products is the Associated Equipment 6065 12V 30 Amp 1-10 Batteries Parallel Charger. It delivers the extreme durability that you need. The manufacturer is known for developing nothing but an exceptional product, you can be confident that this battery charger is second to none. Additionally, it uses premium-grade materials to guarantee remarkable reliability. It also delivers a worry-free and trustworthy service that lasts for an extended period, making it the most suitable product for your maximum satisfaction.



  • Battery charger with powerful performance 
  • 30 Amp high-value and incredible parallel
  • 16 charge rates provide accurate charging
  • alternate model charges 1 – 36
  • 12-volt batteries in parallel
  • Key safety features
  • Analog meter displays testing efficiency output
  • Has the ability to charge 1 to 10, 12-volt cells simultaneously in less than 24 hours
  • 30 amp insulated safety clamps
  • Can be mounted on a bench or wall
  • One year warranty
  • Made in the USA

The PowerMAX PMBC-75M Battery Charger offers clean, efficient, and dependable power for maintaining and charging batteries during showroom demonstrations, comprehensive maintenance, and service reflash. One of its incredible features includes a fully regulated DC output that prevents the possibility of overcharging. The PowerMAX PMBC-75M Battery Charger also has a completely integrated 3-stage microprocessor controller with a highly controlled power supply output. You can select from Fixed Output Mode or 3-Stage smart charging.

Moreover, this product also offers precise and clean output power to a car during diagnostic and reprogramming servicing. Utilizing nothing but superb manufacturing technology, PowerMAX PMBC-75M Battery Charger is an excellent battery charger for any vehicle. With this device, you will have zero problems with any radio equipment, fans, pumps, and motors.



  • Over-temperature protection; reverse battery polarity protection; short Circuit Protection; Thermal Protection; Overload Protection; Over Voltage Protection
  • 15-foot detachable cables
  • Variable Speed Cooling Fan
  • Load Regulation; Line Regulation
  • On/Off Switch
  • Demand Sensing
  • DC Output Cable: 15ft
  • Digital Output Voltage Display
  • Selectable 3-Step Fixed Output Mode or Charging mode
  • Smart Battery Charging Mode for general battery care and maintenance – 14.6VDC / 13.2VDC / 13.6VDC
  • Adjustable Voltage Dial – the output voltage can be set between 13 VDC – 16.5 VDC to meet the requirements of the most vehicle battery.
  • Two years warranty

The Iota DLS-54-13/IQ4 4 stage smart battery charger utilizes cutting edge switch-mode technology to transform a minimum 108-132 AC voltage to 54.4 DC voltage to achieve the 48 v battery charging. It works in variable environmental conditions. The manufacturer guarantees long years of service-free operation, despite exposure to difficult and challenging situations. The Iota DLS-54-13/IQ4 4 stage smart battery charger will preserve the battery, offering its maximum rated current during the case that the battery capacity decreases at its lowest rate. It produces the optimum current to reduce unwanted battery stress during cell heating. This feature helps to ensure that the battery life lasts for a long time. 

Moreover, as the battery is about to reach its full capacity, it will automatically lower down the current, offering a float charge that combats cell self-discharge. The Iota DLS-54-13/IQ4 4 stage smart battery charger sports the internal IQ4 smart charge controller that automatically delivers four-stage battery charging for protected and safe charging and long-lasting battery life for the system.



  • Extremely clean DC output
  • Minimum television and radio equipment interference
  • Can be utilized with or without a battery
  • Short circuit protection; Thermal protection
  • Tight line/load regulation
  • Meets FCC class A model criteria
  • Fan control: proportional to temperature
  • Reverse polarity protection: in case of an installation mistake, this device uses regular automotive blade-type fuses for a hassle-free replacement
  • Max inrush current, single cycle: 30 amps
  • Low and transient AC line voltage protection
  • Two-year warranty

The PowerMax PMBC-75 75 Amp 12V Battery Charger with Handle and Clamps delivers clean, consistent, and dependable power that’s suitable for charging and maintaining the state-of-charge of the battery during difficult maintenance, service reflash, and in the showroom that requires reliable battery power for car demonstrations. It also enables vehicles to be showcased with all their cutting edge electrical accessories and features. It is ideal for maintaining the battery power of a car. It also renders a fixed and clean power supply during programming and scan tools of ECMs without worrying about battery discharging.

Furthermore, the PowerMax PMBC-75 75 Amp 12V Battery Charger can automatically maintain the battery while the user is doing exhaustive mechanical service. Its state of the art switch-mode design offers a more reliable and cleaner power source, unlike other regular chargers. The completely regulated DC output stops the battery from overcharging and provides accurate control to preserve the essential battery voltage. The PowerMax PMBC-75 75 Amp 12V Battery Charger sports a quiet operation. It is also compact, which perfectly embodies portability. Numerous protection features to secure that long-lasting battery life, including reverse battery polarity protection with replaceable fuses. It also has reliable brownout input protection.

Moreover, it has over-current protection, including rated current-limiting and cycle-by-cycle peak-limiting that optimizes the life of the converter. The device also has over-temperature protection with premium-grade detachable cables that allow seamless field service. It has a 13.6V power supply voltage regulation and 75A maximum amps output and regulated voltage. Finally, it has a convenient on/off switch and removable cable 6-foot clamp set.



  • Brownout input protection; over-temperature protection; overcurrent protection
  • 15-foot detachable cables
  • 13.6V power supply voltage regulation

The IOTA DLS-75/IQ4 12 Volt 75 Amp 4 Stage Automatic Smart Battery Charger transforms a minimum of 108-132AC voltage to 13.4 DC voltage for 12V battery charging and load operation. It is the perfect device for charging many different kinds of 12 volts lead-acid batteries such as gel cell, absorbed glass mat/AGM, or flooded. It comes with an IQ4 smart charge controller that can automatically deliver three-stage battery charging for protected charging and long-lasting life for the battery of your system. Its 4 stage charging includes absorption, float, and bulk stage. The power supply’s compact and firm controlled regulation enables its use up to 90 amps at 12VDC.



  • Perfect device for charging many different kinds of 12-volt lead-acid batteries such as gel cell, absorbed glass mat/AGM, or flooded.
  • Transforms a 108-132 volts alternating current to 13.4 volts direct current for a12-volt battery charging and load operation.
  • It comes with an IQ4 smart charge controller that can automatically deliver three-stage battery charging for protected charging and long-lasting life for the battery of your system.
  • Compact and firm controlled regulation enables the user to use it at a minimum of 12VDC load up to 90Amps.
  • 4 stage charging: flat, absorption, and bulk stage

The (6066A) Intellamatic Automatic Parallel Battery Charger by Associated Equipment will be your newest lifesaver. Being stuck on the road with a dead battery is very annoying and frustrating. That’s why having a high-performance engine starter is very crucial since this tool will significantly help you during times of emergency. On another note, a fast battery charger, just like the Associated Equipment (6066A) Intellamatic Automatic Parallel Battery Charger, will assist you in solving problems that include a flat battery in only a few hours during times when you are not in a rush. It is also engineered with functionality and accuracy in mind to deliver unmatched performance and easy use. It is the most suitable product for your supreme satisfaction. With this premium device, you can have peace of mind when starting your car, knowing that you have a reliable solution when the situation gets tough.



  • Automatic battery with three settings including Manual, AGM, and Flooded
  • Has the ability to charge a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 20, 12-volt cells simultaneously without exceeding 24 hours.
  • Two output settings 30A and 60A
  • 3-status LED
  • Build using contemporary and cutting edge production technologies
  • Built-in key safety procedures
  • Analog Meter displays current and voltage
  • Includes 300 Amp insulated safety clamps when utilized with 6086 or 6075
  • Offers long-lasting and problem-free service life
  • Bench-mountable and wall-mountable
  • The automatic charger that can control the output voltage
  • Uncomplicated switch settings figures out the kind of battery
  • Charges as much as 12V batteries simultaneously without exceeding 24 hours
  • Isolated transformer and circuit breaker protection for extra safety
  • Intellamatic 12V Automatic Parallel Battery Charger – 6066A
  • Current meter and analog voltage meter offers convenient readability
  • Includes three LED indicators that display the charging progress
  • One year warranty
  • Made in the USA

What Makes the Best Battery Charger?

Now that you have an idea about the top-performing battery chargers in the market, it is also vital to inform you about the things that you need to consider when shopping and selecting a car battery charger. You want to have a battery charger that delivers the best performance, helps preserve your battery life, and charge at a fast pace, so you don’t have to look for other car batteries from time to time. 

Moreover, with all the modern advancements happening in technology, it is smart to choose the charger that could not only charge but also do a plethora of other tasks. The best charger is one that provides diagnostics of the battery health of the car. Here are a few factors that you should think about when choosing a car battery charger:

The Voltage

Generally, the voltage is the measure of electric strength that the car battery charger has. The majority of cars function using 12V electrical systems. With this, the best charger should have 12V to suit the requirements of your car batteries. However, if you are looking for a multifunctional charger that’s not only fit for the cells of your car, then you can opt for a 6V charger to be used with other utility vehicles like Jet Ski.

The Amperage

Amperage is the amount of current built for the charger for a handle or the amount of current that goes through it. The higher the amperage, the higher the amount of current the charger can handle, and the more efficient the level of charging. But, not all fast-charging battery chargers are good chargers. The best charger needs to have the ability to monitor the specific mode to charge the battery. In most cases, it is also safe to let the settings be automatic so the charger can select the perfect and most suitable battery charging rate.

The Safety

Safety is crucial when it comes to selecting the best portable battery charger for car. As much as possible, you don’t want to overcharge your battery because it can lead to significant damages. Aside from this, you have to keep in mind that car batteries have hazardous chemicals, and any malfunction can be harmful. The perfect car battery charger has safety features to protect not only the battery but also the user. These include:

  • Reverse polarity features – prevents the possibility of attaching the incorrect charger and terminals of the cell.
  • Amperage and auto voltage detection – eliminates any means of overcharging or overheating the battery.
  • Spark-resistant plugs – the last thing that you need to have in your car battery charger is a spark plug. Aside from the possibility of causing accidental and dangerous fires, the wrong sparks provided by the charger might also damage both the battery and the charger. With this, you need to opt for spark-resistant plugs.

Other Features

The other features that are worth investing in a car battery charger are trick charging capabilities, enough jumper cable length, battery diagnostics, jumpstart features, and maintenance mode.

How Good is a Portable Car Battery Charger

A compact car battery charger reduces worries and offers instant relief during times when you have a drained smart device, dead battery, or deflated tire emergency. Its primary purpose is to fill the responsibility of a second vehicle that you would usually contact to jumpstart your drained or dead battery. They are less pricey and more convenient whenever you need urgent help compared to emergency roadside services. And in most cases, the location where you’re stuck usually doesn’t have any mobile signal or has no second vehicle, which makes your jumper cables useless. With this, having a piece of reliable equipment such as a portable car battery charger will help you get back on the road in no time. They are accommodating in keeping your devices and vehicle charged during stressful power outages.

Portable car battery chargers have a lot of advantages. First, it offers convenience and a solution to start the dead battery of your car without the need to call for another vehicle to use conventional jumper cables. Second, portable car battery chargers don’t demand precise and easy access to the engine compartment and the car as a whole, to connect and jumpstart the battery. Usually, a second vehicle needs to have a spacious area to park near your vehicle to connect the cables. Third, portable car battery chargers are cost-efficient. They are multifunctional, which means that you are getting a lot of features for the price of one piece of equipment. Lastly, they offer a sense of peace knowing that your family won’t be stuck somewhere else with a dangerous situation to deal with due to a dead car battery.

All in all, portable car battery chargers deliver general convenience and provide peace of mind. It is vital to buy the features and size (cranking and peak arm output) that perfectly fits your requirements and needs, as well as the kinds of vehicles, inflated items, and devices it will benefit.

The Power of the 15 amp Battery Charger

15 amp battery charger is well-known as the automatic charger that comes with massive seven charge states. This equipment allows you to adjust and modify the output current to 15, 10, or 5 amps. It also provides supreme-performance smart charging. It is compatible with all kinds of 12 volts lead acid batteries, like calcium, gel, AGM, or wet, and even LifePO4 Lithium batteries. Apart from this, you can utilize the charger to restore sulfated lead-acid batteries or bring back the life of drained LifePO4 batteries. The great thing about 15 amp battery charger car  is it’s okay to permanently connect it to the battery since it won’t destroy or alter its performance.

You can utilize a 15 amp car battery chargers for your car, truck, caravan, bike, tractor, Jet Ski, boat, or as a backup charger. This intelligent battery charger is designed and built with protective circuits to prevent any overheating or sparking. It also comes with an informative LED interface that displays the chosen battery chemistry, status of the charge cycle, and the rate of the battery charge. It has a sturdy and powerful steel body that safeguards all of its interior components, making it one of the most heavy-duty equipment. 

Also, the 15 amp car battery chargers will improve the life and performance of your car battery. It has a unique multistage 7-stage charger, featuring settings for a soft charge, absorption, desulfation, analysis, bulk charge, float, recondition. You can use this charger in a power supply mode with a fixed voltage of 13.6VDC to 10A to any power tools or appliances that need a 12 volt battery charger.

What is the Most Recommended Battery Charger?

Though the present market is flooded with many different car battery chargers, each displaying outstanding performance figures and durability, it is vital to research your purchase to have the best charger you could have. Before revealing the most recommended battery chargers, here are some factors that you will find in an excellent car battery charger.

  • Power – higher power yields more efficient charging time but more expensive than less powerful models.
  • Portability – popular and sought after manufacturers of battery charges make sure that their products are lightweight and small, making them extremely portable and effortless to operate.
  • Usability – another critical factor of a cutting edge battery charger is the fact that they are super easy to use. Not all users have the time or energy to learn about the mechanism of car batteries and their corresponding chargers. With this, manufacturers have come up with a solution to redesign their products and make them easy to use.
  • Safety – contemporary battery chargers consider safety features as essential focal points of their product. These safety features safeguard you and your car batteries from possible dangerous accidents. 

Now that you know what a good battery charger looks like, it’s time to take a look at the highly-recommended car battery charger in the market.

PowerMAX PMBC-75M Battery Charger is the most recommended car battery charger in the market today. It delivers precise, clean, and reliable power that is suitable for charging and maintaining batteries during essential situations. These include showroom demonstrations, service reflash, and complicated maintenance services. One of the most noteworthy features of PowerMAX PMBC-75M Battery Charger is it comes with a fully regulated DC output that removes any chance of your battery to overcharge or overheat. It delivers unparalleled performance and efficiency during times when you needed it the most.


Ever since the beginning, vehicles have been dependent on battery power and fossil fuels to deliver efficient and comfortable travel units to the user. Any kind of vehicle that is not operated by kinetic energy has a battery, which is the heart of its power supply. However, cells cannot supply themselves forever. They need regular charging, and when they abruptly break down, this unfortunate circumstance is both stressful and time-consuming. It also takes a lot of effort to get your car running again. The market seeks the right solution for any problem, including the best car battery charger. With this device, no battery-related problem is ever too difficult to handle again. It is portable, convenient, and efficient. No matter where you are, you can be confident that you’ll get the aid that you need, without having to contact a second vehicle to jumpstart your car. There are various models and brands of a car battery charger in the market, so make sure you choose one that fits your preference and requirements.