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The complete guide on home decorations improvements

After buying your dream home or signing the lease on condo or apartment unit that you have been eyeing for a long time, it is now time to settle down and begin the hard work – decorating your home or improving the existing decorations in it.

The best way to spruce up your home is to avail of the services of an interior designer but you know that you cannot currently afford one, having just moved into your new home. You want to give your home your personality so you might as well decorate it yourself to let everyone who comes by to see your handiwork and a reflection of your inner self.

The most difficult part of decorating your home is the decision where to start. Following the advice of design professionals, it is important to spend your money on the big-ticket items like beds, sofas, and dining tables. Once you have these big items, accessorizing them with inexpensive things will come easy. They serve as the foundation you will build on. The way you add the details to your foundation will make the difference between an attractive home and one that feels off from what you originally imagined your home to look.

Keeping the balance

Imagine your house to be like a boat with various cabins on both sides. If you put the heavy stuff on one side of the boat, there will be an imbalance. You must always strive to keep a balance in your new home.

You can create visual balance based on how you spaced out the furniture throughout the house and throughout each room. You need to consider the size of each piece such as putting a small table on one end of the floor and a large piece of furniture on the other end, resulting in uneven visual balance.

If you want to create a roomy atmosphere in your house, choose lighter colors instead of dark ones as light tones create a sense of open and airy space. You may use darker tones in a large area that you want to look smaller as such tones manifest the feeling of being closed in on.

Setting the tone at the front door

The front door of your house gives visitors the first impression of your house. First thing, get rid of the outdated screen door. If your purpose in putting that screen door is to see who is at the door without having to open it, simply replace it with a storm door with glass panels or full-length glass.

Make sure people will notice your door and feel the emotion that you want to convey. Paint your door red to send the message that the person standing in front of it is welcomed. The color red is considered lucky in many cultures. If you feel that red is too bright or bold for you, you can paint your front door either yellow or orange.

Painting your front door in a vibrant color will make the guests feel the vibrancy of the house and the person living in it.

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